The South Central Illinois Collaborative Family Law Association is organized and dedicated to the promotion of educational, civic, social and professional services related to the collaborative law method and its application to the resolution of disputes involving family law matters in Illinois, including St. Clair County, Madison County, Sangamon County, McLean County and Monroe County, Illinois.

Our organization was built on the designation of helping individuals with their collaborative divorce matter throughout Illinois. Other than collaborative divorce, the board members of this organization are able to assist you with all family law matters including but not limited to: 

Contempt – Individuals who refuse to comply with an existing court order. In the collaborative process orders of contempt can sometimes be resolved.
Family Law Matters – There are many different kinds of cases within family law that the collaborative process can assist you with. If you have any questions contact us. 
Legal Separation – Sometimes, a marriage is looking bleak, but the parties still believe there is a reasonably likelihood it can be saved. The collaborative process can help parties reach an agreement as to the separation terms.
Motions to Modify – Parties sometimes need to come back to court on custody or support matters due to changing conditions of a substantial and continuing basis. Instead of litigating a motion to modify, an agreement could be reached in the collaborative process in some cases.
Child Support – Opposing parties of a child support case often have a hard time reaching an agreement. The collaborative process can help the two parties come to an agreement. 
Prenuptial Agreements – It seems recently that parties are looking for a premarital agreement before walking down the aisle. The collaborative process can help parties if they are leaning toward an agreement.
Paternity – Unmarried parents can sometimes have trouble reaching a custody agreement. Collaborative practice can help parties resolve custody cases.
Adoptions – When thinking of adoption the thought of litigation could pop into question. The collaborative approach could prevent that from happening.

Grandparent Visitation – Many grandparents might be concerned about their level one contact with their grandchildren. Instead of thinking of litigating a grandparent visitation case, some parties might consider the collaborative process.

To learn more about the board of directors for the SCICFLA visit our page here.